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Services and Prices



 regular manicure     $28

                     Includes nail trim and shape, cuticle grooming and oil,  moisturizing hand massage and hot towel wrap.       

  mini  manicure        $23

                     Includes nail trim and shaping, cuticle grooming and oil and hot towel wrap.

  Dip powder                $45   


 regular gel/shellac  manicure               $45           

 mini  gel/shellac   manicure                  $37



           Nail trim and shaping, cuticle grooming, callus eliminating, sugar scrub, hot towel wrap

                regular classic  $39

                             Mask $43:  "mask" and scrub which is applied to exfoliate the flaky skin on your legs.


                     Hot stone  $43 : the therapeutic values of heat relax aching muscles and stimulate blood flow.


                         mini pedicure (no massage)  $37 


                         regular gel/shellac pedicure      $60

                         mini gel/shellac pedicure           $50                       

Mani & Pedi

regular mani & pedi     $62

regular gel/shellac  mani & pedi     $97

mini gel/shellac  mani & pedi          $87 

Kids (Under 10)

pedi      20

mani    15

mani & pedi    35

  Spa & Special Package

                        spa manicure   $50

                                                      serve you as listed above followed by  sugar scrub 2 hot stone massage and moisturize with paraffin.

                        spa pedicure


                                                      Organic   $80

                                                              Nourish your skin with a mask made of organic materials while rejuvenating  yourself with a massage.


                                                      Green tea aroma        $70                          

                                                               Green tea aroma  dip in green tea with green tea extract. Green tea is used to reduce dryness in skin. It is

                                                               known for quickly perpetrating the epidermis along with hydration.  Green tea can also be used to prevent

                                                               premature aging of the skin, fight free radical damage and promote overall skin health.

    Hot Stone Massage

10 min.      15

15 min.      20             


french   7

hand paraffin 11

foot paraffin  15       

nail art     7                          

extra callus remove    10        


eye brow    15

lip       11

chin   11

under arm  20

half arm    25

full arm     50

half leg      35 up

full leg       65

* Gift Certificates Avaiable